January 2022 Platform Enhancements and Updates

Platform Updates

Managing Metadata Templates

Metadata Templates provide more robust management capability for metadata across your data assets. This is the first wave of a series of enhancements to managing and updating metadata in the Socrata platform to all customers. You’ll notice a visual update to the administration page, the ability to make any metadata field required on a domain, and a new audit feature that allows administrators to identify assets that are missing required metadata fields after an update. Administrators can access the new experience in the Metadata Administration page.

Please see this support article for more details: Metadata Templates

Program Analytics System Datasets

Site Administrators now have tools to better manage the tag strategy on their domain! With the introduction of two new System Datasets, Program Analytics: Tags Audit and Program Analytics: Possible Duplicate Tags, Administrators can quickly identify their domain’s most popular tags, determine ineffective tags to clean up, and recognize duplicate tags to consolidate. These new program analytics datasets gather the information crucial to maintaining a concise and effective tag strategy, thus strengthening the discoverability of the data in your catalog and the performance of your data program.

Please see this support article for more details: Socrata Program Analytics

Perspectives Updates

Large Content Width in Stories​

We've added a new, wider layout option to Perspectives stories. Use the large layout when you want to display a fair amount of visualizations (i.e., like a dashboard) or when you want to display visualizations with a large amount of data or time frame (i.e., a chart across a long time frame). The medium layout is a wider layout with more condensed content blocks, permitting a quick view of multiple blocks at a time, while the small layout is optimized for reports and long-form reading. You can choose from three options and have your content fill the page based on your needs!

Please see this support article for more details: Expanded and Narrative Layouts in Perspectives

Embed Whole Public Perspectives Stories

You can now embed whole public Perspectives stories as fully interactive embeds off the Socrata platform. Users can instantly engage with your content without being directed back to the platform, which means you can expect increased engagement with and time on your Story pages.

Please see this support article for more details: Publishing & Sharing a Perspectives Story

Improved Print Story Functionality

We've improved our current Print functionality in Perspectives stories. Now, when you print out your Story, all content is rendered within the content blocks, visually aligned on the page, and the Action bar is removed from the printed format. Grabbing a snapshot of your interactive Story has gotten much easier and more satisfying!

Please see this support article for more details: Printing pages with Perspectives

Copy & Paste Content Blocks in Stories

Users can now copy and paste media content blocks within their Perspectives story. This new functionality decreases the amount of time spent creating, adding or editing media, especially visualizations, in Stories. Pro tip! Use the copy/paste functionality to add additional table visualizations (a new visualization we released last Market Release).

Please see this support article for more details: Copy Media Content Blocks in Stories

Beta Updates

Exploration Canvas SoQL Query Editor Improvements

Among continued improvements to the Exploration Canvas, we have updated its SoQL Query Editor to use automatic syntax highlighting, line breaks, indents, and improved tooltip behavior. The editor also supports a quick formatting option that makes longer SoQL queries easier to read and write.

If you are interested in learning more about the Exploration Canvas beta, please reach out to our Support team at datainsights-support@tylertech.com.

Introducing: Data Federation for SoQL Views

With the beta version of Data Federation for SoQL Views, public datasets created with the Exploration Canvas or the SoQL Query Editor (SoQL views) on your Socrata Platform are able to data federate with the rest of your domain’s data federated assets. This means users can now publish a SoQL View to their internal domain and their Open Data domain simultaneously if an outgoing data federation relationship exists.

If you are interested in opting into or learning more about the Data Federation for SoQL Views beta, please reach out to our Support team at datainsights-support@tylertech.com.

We appreciate your partnership with us. If you have any questions or want to share with us how you are utilizing a recently updated or released feature, please reach out to your client success team or email us, datainsights-support@tylertech.com.

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at datainsights-support@tylertech.com with questions or ideas.

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