Featured Content for the Data Catalog

Site Administrators and Publishers looking to help data consumers find their organization’s best datasets, visualizations, and resources can curate “Featured Content” on different views of their public data catalog. Doing so is a great way to highlight frequently-requested datasets, guide users to high-quality visualizations, promote timely data updates, and remind users of key resources they may not be aware of!




How to curate featured content on your catalog

Curating featured content is simple when viewing one’s public data catalog (i.e. yoursite.gov/browse) as a signed-in Administrator or Publisher.

1. When signed in, you will encounter a prompt to “Feature Content” on the current view of your catalog, as pictured below.pasted_image_0__1_.png

2. You can then write a Headline and Description to introduce your content to users.

3. Finally, you can ‘Add’ up to three different assets related to that “slice” of your catalog.


And presto, you’ve featured great data assets!


NOTE:  Data & Insights assets will have a standard icon generated from the asset. Any derived view that is a chart, calendar, map, or data lens will generate an icon based on the asset. For external content, users can configure a preview image for that content. More information about preview images can be found here.


How many items can I feature?

You can feature one, two, or three assets per “slice” of your catalog. A “slice” can be your full catalog or a catalog filtered by one facet on the left-side menu. For example, you can feature content for individual “categories”, “view types”, or facets of “custom metadata” to guide users towards content in any of those sets (but not when multiple facets are selected simultaneously).


What types of assets can I feature?

Any public asset that appears in your data catalog can be featured! This includes datasets, visualizations, stories, external resources, and more.  Of course, featured assets must be categorized or labeled appropriately to be added to certain slices of the catalog. For example, if you want to feature content for the “Public Safety” slice of your catalog, make sure the assets you’d like to feature are categorized as “Public Safety” in the assets’ metadata.

Note: While featured content is supported for almost all individual filtered “slices” of the catalog (i.e. Category, View Type, Official/Community, custom metadata, etc), it is *not* supported for tag facets.


Making your Featured Content useful

Featuring content on your data catalog is a valuable way to highlight frequently-requested datasets, guide your users to high-quality visualizations, promote timely data updates, and remind users of key resources they may not be aware of. In this case, the more featured content, the better!

We especially recommend curating featured content for all slices of your catalog accessible from the home page of your Data & Insights site. For example, if your home page has eight navigation tiles (see the main blue tiles, below), we encourage you to configure featured content for each of those eight catalog slices.



Not seeing the prompt to “Feature Content” on the catalog?

Make sure all of the following are true:

  • Are you signed-in to your Data & Insights account?
  • Are you an Administrator or Publisher role?
  • Are you viewing an individual slice of the catalog? You can feature content for the “Education” category, or for “Datasets”, or for “Agency”, but you cannot feature content when multiple filters have been applied to your catalog.

Still not seeing the prompt? Please reach out to datainsights-support@tylertech.com and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Happy featuring!

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