Introducing Tyler Technologies Design System Adoption

What’s New

The Data & Insights division is integrating the Tyler Technologies design system to the data platform. The main benefit for this is a simplified, more intuitive experience for users. Comprehensive research has gone into the development of this design system to ensure the site aligns to research-driven UX patterns, making the site more accessible and providing a familiar feel for users. This change will also make Data & Insights products consistent with other Tyler products, creating a seamless experience for customers with multiple Tyler tools.

The design system adoption is a brand new way to navigate and interact with a domain. These updates include a new and improved header and asset action bar, a new drop-down menu, and an improved asset creation experience. It is available to Open Data Platforms and Enterprise Data Platforms beginning March 2022, on an opt-in basis, and will be generally available later this year. If you are an Open Data Platform or Enterprise Data Platform administrator and would like to enable these design system updates on your domain, please reach out to our Support Team at

New header and asset action bar

The new header and asset action bar provide a cleaner looking data platform while also creating a simplified navigation experience for users.

Some benefits of the new header and asset action bar include:
  • Permanent search bar

  • “Create” modal shortcut

  • Consolidated menus

New header drop-down menu

One of the larger changes that comes with the Tyler Technologies design system is the new header drop-down menu. With this change, platform interactions have been consolidated into a single menu. The menu includes permission based shortcuts to frequently used pages.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.47.18 PM.png

New “Create” modal

The new “Create” modal is accessible from either the header drop-down menu or the “Create” shortcut in the header bar. This modal is a new look for the same functionality that was previously in the “Create” drop-down menu in the header.


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