Customizing the Data Portal Homepage and Catalog Page

This article will describe the three elements of the homepage of a data portal that can be edited by domain administrators.

Parts of the Homepage and Catalog Page

Areas of the Homepage

The homepage has two major parts: the wallpaper with titles (1), and the category tiles (2).


1. Wallpaper

This block consists of a title ("Evergreen Data Library"), some hero text ("Explore sample data and case studies on Tyler Data & Insights"), and a background image. The image should be a large, high-definition image to ensure it is not blurry when viewed on a large screen.  The image will be automatically centered when uploaded, so choose an image where the top and bottom are not necessary to portray the intended concept.

2. Catalog Tiles
These contain a font awsome icon, a title, a descriptioin, an accent color, and a link to catalog search that save the reader from having to do their own search.  So the "Economic Development" tile could be linked to a catalog search for ""



The Catalog Page

On the Catalog page, featured datasets can be highlighted. The catalog page is typically accessed by adding "/browse" after the domain URL  Example:



Featured Datasets : These are special catalog links that you want to highlight and link to. You can highlight a maximum of four views at a time. The structure of a featured dataset is a picture, which is either a thumbnail of your view or an uploaded image, accompanied by a title and description.


Editing the Homepage Datasets

  1. Make sure you are logged in.
  2. Go to "Administration"
  3. Select Homepage Datasets on the administration page.


These articles describe how to edit these datasets.

Customizing your Data & Insights Home Page using Content Management

Featured Content for the Data Catalog


Header and Footer

The header and footer of the homepage are controlled using the SIte Appearance tool in the administration panel. This article has more information: Configuring your Site Header and Footer.





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