January 2023 Product Release

Community Asset Enhancements

We added more explicit messaging on Community Created assets to better inform data consumers about what it means when an asset is “Community Created.” With this additional information provided on the asset itself we hope to reduce the risk that a Community Created asset is misused or interpreted as official. This enhanced messaging includes:

  • New “Community Created” badge adjacent to the title on all assets​

  • New banner message on Primer and Visualization pages that explains what it means to be a Community Created asset

Please see this support article for more details: Community Created Content

Add Users to Teams in Bulk

We revamped the Add Team Members functionality to make adding users to teams smoother and speedier. Instead of searching for users one at a time, you’ll now be able to copy and paste a list of user emails into the modal to add up to 100 users to a team at the click of a button. Talk about time saved!

Please see this support article for more details: Create and Manage Teams

Scheduled Send for Perspectives Stories

We are excited to launch a new feature which makes it possible for users to schedule a watch on a perspectives page. A watch allows a user to receive the PDF in their inbox on a regular basis, such as at 10am every seven days. Watches can be scheduled by site admins on behalf of other users or they can be scheduled by internal and guest users for themselves.

Please see this support article for more details: Scheduled Send

Updates to Tyler Technologies Design System on Story Visualizations

In 2022, we made progress in our adoption of the Tyler Technologies Design System. With this release, users can expect a more intuitive experience for visualizations in Perspectives story pages, including updates to: visualization title and description, visualization filters, view Source Data and Export options, content and legends, and summary table toggles on charts or maps.

Comprehensive research has gone into developing this design system to ensure the site aligns to research-driven UX patterns, making the site more accessible and providing a familiar feel for users.

Exploration Canvas Updates

Exploration Canvas will now support the ability to search and export.

Search: Users can now search from within the Exploration Canvas. Searching within Exploration Canvas will text match the search term across all cells within a given dataset.

Export: Users can now export unsaved views directly from the Exploration Canvas.

Exploration canvas is being taken out of Beta and is now fully supported. Any assets that are compatible with exploration canvas will now open there by default.

Hide a Draft in Dataset Archiving

Administrators and appropriately permissioned users will now have the ability to hide a specific draft from within the changelog of a dataset enrolled in Dataset Archiving. This feature gives users a more granular level of control of dataset history being shared.

Dataset Backups Deprecation

You may have already received our notifications - we are deprecating Dataset Backups. This legacy feature is being replaced by a new and more powerful dataset backup tool, Dataset Archiving.

Please see this support article for more details: Introducing Dataset Archiving

Enhancements to the Quick Start Videos & Help Center

We updated both the content and design of the Quick Start Videos page. You’ll now find an up-to-date collection of short how-to videos related to the user specific domain rights. Visitors can filter the videos by topic and update the page’s default setting in order to see the entire library of videos.

Any visitor to an open or internal data site (including non-roled community members) can navigate to the Quick Start Videos page by adding “/videos” to the end of the domain URL (e.g., “springfield-us.socrata.com/videos”).

Please see this support article for more details: New Quick Start Videos

Also, over the next few weeks you’ll find updated Help Center menu on sites accessed from a desktop web browser. These updates will provide you with more direct access to helpful resources such as searching support articles or getting updates on education classes and product announcements.

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at socrata-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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