Perspectives Release Notes for 8/26/16: New Visualization Features and Accessibility Improvements


Advancements to the new visualization library

We’re continuing to build upon the first version of the visualization library we rolled out to Perspectives earlier this month. Here’s the new functionality we built and released since the launch:

  • Visualization creation workflow now contains a table preview below the configuration and preview sections
  • Visualization library is now able to perform ad hoc region-coding when a user wants to create a choropleth map
  • Improved navigation into and away from the visualization creation workflow
  • Creation workflow contains a row of icon buttons representing available chart types; recommended chart types are highlighted if a dimension column has been selected
  • Rendered visualizations now automatically contain a link back to the underlying data
  • Cross-browser compatibility improvements, specifically for IE11


Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the visualization library works.


Accessibility improvements for Perspectives

Making story content easy and delightful to consume is important to us and our users.  Earlier this month, we added accessibility tags to embedded YouTube videos and HTML embeds. Continuing this work, we added the following accessibility improvements:

  • Updated the structure of the page to place all rendered content inside a container element with the appropriate ARIA landmark roles
  • Added a MAIN landmark to the page
  • Identified the principal language of the page by using the LANG attribute



Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Story page interaction improvements
    • Selected theme now properly stays highlighted on the “Style” panel
    • Hovering over a component block is now less sensitive — it’s easier to interact with the controls that manipulate the block
    • Embedded goal tiles and story tiles no longer break if their domain name is aliased
    • Edit controls for horizontal rules at the bottom of a story page are no longer cut off
    • Improved YouTube video and HTML embed to avoid common error states the user might enter


  • Updates and fixes for new visualization library
    • Fixed a hover error in the first column of the table
    • Table no longer flickers on loading
    • Choropleth maps gracefully handle flyouts for regions that contain no points
    • Message about panning no longer breaks out of the box
    • An older version of the visualization library has been seamlessly upgraded to the latest version


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