How to Create a Multi-Layer Map

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To create a multi-layer map:

  1. Select a dataset in your asset catalog with a geospatial column.

    Hint: Geospatial data has special column types, so look for "point," "multipoint," "line," "multiline," "polygon," or "multipolygon" on a primer page to identify mapping-ready assets.

  2. From the Primer page, click "Create Visualization."

    Hint: The asset where you begin creating the visualization is the "base layer" for your map, which can’t be changed after you begin creating your map. 

  3. Select the map icon on the far right of the chart type icons.

  4. Configure your first layer. In this video, we chose to color all trees green.

  5. Return to the Layer List.

  6. Select "Add Layer."

  7. Choose a geo-enabled dataset or filtered view to add as a second layer. 

  8. Configure your second layer. In this video, we colored council districts by ID and moved the layer under the tree canopy layer.

    Hint: If you want to focus on the layer you are currently configuring, you can hide other layers on the map using the layer manager control.

  9. Hit "Save," name your asset, and publish!


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