How to Add a Logarithmic Scale to a Timeline Chart


To add a Logarithmic Scale to a timeline chart:

  1. Navigate to your dataset's primer page.*
  2. Click the "Visualization" button and select "Create Visualization" from the dropdown menu.*

*FOR TIR CUSTOMERS, please ignore the above steps. Enter the Visualization Canvas from interactive report's in-situ visualizations.

  1. Select the "Timeline Chart" visualization from the chart options on the visualization canvas.
  2. Click the "Data Source" tab.
  3. Confirm your dimension column is set correctly.
    1. If the wrong column is selected for the visualization, click on the dropdown menu for "Dimension" and select the appropriate column.
  4. Click the "Axis" tab on the left-hand side of the visualization canvas.
  5. Check the "Logarithmic Scale" checkbox to add the scale to your visualization.
  6. Click the "Save Draft" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the visualization canvas.
  7. Name your new visualization. 
  8. Publish the new chart once you confirm it displays as desired.

You just published a new timeline chart with a Logarithmic Scale!

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