How to Set a Daily Reporting Period for a Performance Measure

To set a daily reporting period on your measure:

  1. Click "Create" and select "Measure" from the dropdown menu.
  2. Name your new measure.
  3. Click the "Data Source" tab.
  4. Select your source dataset.
    1. You may have to use the search box to find your dataset.
  5. Click the "Reporting Period" tab.
  6. Select "Daily Reporting" from the reporting period dropdown menu.
  7. Define how the platform will define and display the reporting period. 
    1. Last value - displays measures up to the last reported record
    2. Today - displays data up to present date
    3. Last completed - only shows records for completed reporting periods
  8. Click the "Calculation" tab. 
  9. Set your measure's calculation.
    1. Measures with daily reporting are limited to Last Value and Sum calculations. 
  10. Click "Save Draft" in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  11. Publish the new measure once you confirm it displays as desired. 

You just published a new measure with a Daily Reporting Period!

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