How to Configure Flyout Labels on a Map


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To configure flyout labels on a map:

  1. Navigate to a dataset’s Primer page by selecting the title in the Asset Catalog.

  2. Select "Create Visualization" to enter the Visualization Canvas.

  3. Select the map icon to begin configuring your map.

    When you first load a new map, it will not have a flyout for single points.

    There are two sections that can be used to configure flyouts – Flyout Unit Label and Flyout Details.

  4. First, configure your Flyout Unit Label by describing what the meaning of a point on the map is. In this case, each point represents a permit, so we typed that in. That label is used for stacks and clusters to better explain the content that is being grouped together.

  5. Next, expand Flyout Details. You can choose any column from your underlying dataset to add as part of the flyout, which will show up when you hover over a single point. In this case, we set a name, and then put type and status in as details.

    Immediately, the flyout information will show on the map whenever you hover over a point.
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  • Is there a way to turn off flyouts completely?

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