How to Create a Bubble Chart

To create a scatterplot and bubble chart from the datasets:

  1. Navigate to the dataset you want to create a chart with.*
  2. Select "Visualize" > "Create Visualization."*

*FOR TIR CUSTOMERS, please ignore the above steps. Enter the Visualization Canvas from interactive report's in-situ visualizations.

  1. Select the scatter chart option in the menu of chart types.
  2. Select two columns in the dataset with numerical data for the X and Y axes.
  3. Resize the points by the value of a third numerical column in the dataset.
  4. Customize colors, titles, labels, descriptions, and flyouts.
  5. Save your chart, name it, and publish it!
  6. Optional: The share icon lets you copy the iFrame embed code and embed this chart on the web. Charts will stay up to date with data updates when embedded with the iFrame embed code.
A tip on color customization: Just as you can resize the points by the value of a third numerical column in the dataset, you can color the points by the value of a fourth column in the dataset. This is called Style by Value and can give an at-a-glance understanding of the distinctions between the points beyond the columns you are using for your axes. For example, in the image below, we used size to indicate the number of incidences, and colors to show the number of a sub-category of those incidences. Style by Value is also useful when you want to show categorization of your plots, as long as you only have a handful of values in your column; you can choose "custom colors" and map each value to a specific color.


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