How to Create a Stacked Bar Chart

To create a stacked bar chart from datasets:

  1. Navigate to the dataset you want to create a chart with.*
  2. Select "Visualize" > "Create Visualization."*

*FOR TIR CUSTOMERS, please ignore the above steps. Enter the Visualization Canvas from interactive report's in-situ visualizations.

  1. Select the combo chart option in the menu of chart types.
  2. Set your chart dimension and apply any desired grouping if using a Date/Time column.
  3. Add one or more column measures.
  4. Add one or more line measures.
  5. Name your chart, add axis labels, and any other customizations you want!
  1. Select the bar chart option in the menu of chart types.
  2. Set your chart dimension and group the dimension values using another column in the dataset.
  3. Under Bar display optionsselect "Stacked" or "100% Stacked."
  4. Save your chart.
  5. Name your chart and publish it!
  6. Note the share icon where you can copy the iFrame embed code so you may embed this chart on the web. Charts will stay up to date with data updates when embedded with the iFrame embed code.
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