Gateway Overview

Socrata Gateway is an easy-to-use on-platform solution that allows you to publish, update, and automate datasets directly from key on-premise and cloud-hosted source systems.

Gateway utilizes a user agent, a thin Java client that lives behind the user’s firewall that connects to Socrata backend systems. This user agent is set up on a server that has access to the source system hosting your data. Various plugins exist for your agent to connect to different source systems both on the cloud (Esri, AWS S3, etc) as well as on-premise (MS SQL, Excel, etc).

Gateway updates your dataset using the Socrata Dataset Management Experience, so you can still use all of the same tools to edit, manage, transform and schedule your data.

How do I setup Socrata Gateway?

There are two guides for setting up Socrata Gateway

Who can use Socrata Gateway?

Once Gateway is enabled on your domain, site administrators will have full access to manage Gateways, including access to the admin page. Additionally, any user that has access to the "Choose Data Source" page in the Socrata Dataset Management Experience will be able to set-up Gateway. However, these users will not yet have access to the admin page.

How do I enroll in the open beta?

To get enrolled in the beta contact your AM, CSM, or file a ticket with support at

Can I use Gateway to update an existing dataset?

Yes! Just open a draft of your dataset and select Add Data > Connect to an External Data Source. Please make sure the schema of your existing dataset matches the datasource you want to connect to.

What plugins are available for Socrata Gateway?

You can view a list of all available plugins here. Please note that all plugins will be available for testing during the beta program. However, for Open Data customers, some plugins may become unavailable or require an additional fee once this phase ends. 


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