Schedule Throttling

Schedule Throttling is a limitation that will be applied to scheduled data updates when the frequency of update is daily and the total number of rows updated on the dataset exceeds 20 million rows. The restriction will only apply for scheduled updates made through Data & Insights Gateway and Scheduling Data Imported from URL.

Data updates made through the UI or data automation via an API or ETL process are not affected. 

This means that once the 20 million row limit is hit whether through one scheduled update or multiple, each subsequent one afterwards will fail. The failed update(s) will be reflected in the activity log and inform the viewer that the update failed because the dataset has exceeded the 20 million row limit. The next time a scheduled update will succeed will be when the cumulative total number of rows already sent to the dataset in the last 24 hours is under 20 million.

When the subsequent updates fail, it is the entire update, meaning the dataset will not partially update with a subset of the intended data payload. The throttle limit is set per dataset, so even if one hits the throttling limit, scheduled updates on other datasets will not be impacted.

Note: The dataset can still be updated by other means, such as a manual update through the UI.

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