Creating an Alert with Citizen Connect

Citizen Connect allows users to create dynamic and customizable alerts for specific locations.

To create an alert first log into the site with your Socrata username and password. Once you have logged in to the site use the address bar and enter your desired location. Once you have your location, you can adjust your alert radius in the lower right-hand corner of the page. You can both use the slider to adjust the radius or directly the mileage directly.

Alternatively, you can simply browse around the map to the area you would like to create an alert for. The alert will be created base on the exact settings you have selected while on the page.

Once your alert is setup as desired, select the blue Create Alert button.You can finalize your alert by selecting the frequency, either daily, weekly or monthly. Your alert will be emailed to the account associated with your Socrata login.

To manage your existing alerts simply select the Alerts button on the header bar of the site.


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