Create an Embed on Citizen Connect

Users can create and embeddable HTML element (iFrame) by using the Share button, available on Citizen Connect's header as shown on the screenshot below.


To create an embed ......

  1. Use available filters on the map to only include desired data. The applied filters will be carried over to the embedded map.
  2. Next, click on Share at the top right of the screen as shown on the screenshot. This will open a pop-up window with Email, Facebook, and Twitter share options, the embed code and configuration options, and a URL link for the map. 
  3. Finally, select the desired size and embed options before copying the iFrame code. The weblink for the map could also be used if preferred. 


Embed Options Explained

Relative - Selecting Relative will give a date range based on the current day. For example, if a filtered view of a Citizen Connect map displays the previous two weeks, the embed will also display the previous two weeks from the current date.

Absolute -This option shows data for a specific month. 

Hide Chrome -Selecting this will remove the header bar from the embedded map. 


Maintaining Embed Stability

Both the embed and the web link on the share modal are based on the Citizen Connect URL and the contents of the module. The following administrative changes can cause an embed to break:

  1. Changing the categories that are pulled into Citizen Connect
  2. Replacing the shapefiles used to set the shapes displayed in Citizen Connect.

(NOTE: If the above occurs, users will need to recreate and update their embed codes and URLs following the steps outlined in this article.)


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