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No, you can use the Location column generated by Data & Insights through address data or lat/long data to power the module.

You will need to add the categories in the admin panel accessible at under the Ticket Categories menu > Super Categories. Clicking the "Auto Populate" button in that section will populate the Categories from your dataset. This does not automatically update because you need to manually configure the colors and icons for each category.

It can take up to an hour for new data to refresh on the explorer. If it has not updated after an hour please contact

Complex shapefile (over 1000 shapes) that is just overlayed on the map but not used for interactive filtering.

By default, you can set up daily, weekly and monthly alerts. Site admins can modify this option within the Admin Panel from the Other Settings tab under Alert Options. For more information on setting up alerts, please see Creating An Alert with Citizen Connect.

You can easily create an embeddable iFrame of Citizen Connect using the Share button at the top header bar. For more information on Embeds please see the article to Create an Embed on Citizen Connect.

Yes. We use our user agent for our modules. To Configure a private dataset on a Citizen Connect instance, the user agent needs to be a collaborator on the private datasets as outlined here.

At the moment Custom icons are not supported. However, there are a number of Font Awesome 4.7 icons users can select from. For more information about icons, please reach out to

These are hidden columns that are created when points in a dataset are mapped to region boundaries. They are used to create Chloropleth maps/shapes which are used in Citizen Connect and other modules on our platform. More information can be found here.

Overlapping shapes can be configured on a Citizen Connect module. However, overlapping filters are currently not supported. For instance, if there are pins that fall in an overlapping area of a shape, they will only show up when a user filters on one of the shapes that the computed column is assigned to.

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