Open Budget, Open Payroll Release Notes: 6/5

As part of continually improving our products, we've happy to announce a set of updates to our financial apps.

Open Budget

As a note, these updates do not apply to the pre-April 2015 version of Open Budget, only to the version announced here

How it's Funded / How's It Spent

  • Visitors will now see up to 6 breakouts per fund, up from 4. 
  • Better explanation to visitors on what they're looking at, such as "Revenue Contributions to this Fund by ...", where ... is a customizable string. 

Interface Improvements

  • Added an option to change the Capital Budget / CIP map to show pins to mark each project, instead of circles of varying sizes. This option is available in the Admin Panel, under Capital -> Home Page.
  • Enabled a Fund Source view on the Capital Budget project page.
  • Fixed issue where page text sometimes appears larger than intended.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Dataset Changes

  • The expected Capital Budget / Capital Improvement Plan schema has been substantially simplified based usage patterns and customer feedback. Affected customers have already been contacted separately.

Open Payroll

  • More visual polishing throughout the application.
  • Readability improvements to the text on the home page. 
  • The chart for Highest Paid Employees now has Prev/Next buttons that allow viewers to navigate through this list.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these changes, please contact Socrata Support.

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