Announcement: The Open Payroll App

As part of continually improving our products and finding new ways to improve the experience for our customers and also their constituents, we're excited to announce a big addition to our Financial Transparency Suite.

Open Payroll

Open Payroll is specifically designed to let municipalities present financial information on employees within their organization, an organization's most important asset and frequently their largest area of spending.

This module answers the most common questions around payroll while letting customers provide explanations and additional context in their own words. This is particularly helpful for the aspects of the payroll which receive extra scrutiny and questions from constituents.

Open Payroll is designed to accommodate a wide range of data disclosure policies. In the most minimal presentation, only five pieces of data are needed, the year, an employee ID (to match an individual over multiple years), position title, position type (e.g. full time/part time), and an amount for total pay. Names and pay breakdowns are not required, although they are supported by the app.

Using this data, Open Payroll will automatically generate and present beautiful visualizations that site visitors can explore in a compelling way.

Example: Top Departments By Total Payroll, with added explanation.

Example: Pay Distribution Among All Police Officer IIs

Example: Individual Employee Pay Details

Open Payroll is fully responsive and is designed for desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Finally, similar to the other modules in the Finance Insights suite, customers can update content and make changes to the module in a self-service Admin panel.

A full demo is available at

For more information, please contact your Account Manager or Data & Insights Support.

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