Open Budget: Introducing "Flexible Hierarchy"

As part of continually improving our products at Data & Insights, we are thrilled to tell you about an exciting new Open Budget feature.
Traditionally, Open Budget presents users a single path through the chart of accounts. This provides users an easy way to see your municipality's priorities, based on the allocation of budget from a top-down perspective.
With our new 'Flexible Hierarchy' feature for Open Budget, power users can customize the way they slice through the budget data. Now when you look at your Operating Expenses, Operating Revenues, and Capital Budget, you'll see something like this:

As part of adding this new feature, we've had to re-architect the way we create deep-link URLs that take you to a specific screen in your budget data. Any current deep-links or bookmarks will now bring you back to the home page. You will need to create new bookmarks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Let us know what you think!
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