Open Budget, Open Expenditures, and Open Payroll Release Notes: 8/3

As part of continually improving our products, we've happy to announce a set of updates to our financial apps.

Open Budget

As a note, these updates do not apply to the pre-April 2015 version of Open Budget, only to the version announced here

  • Introducing Annotations! Annotations allows customers to provide context on any item in the budget, links to further information. More information about annotations can be found in this support article.
  • Other bug fixes.

Open Payroll

  • Improved the way that visitors can switch between different years of Payroll data. Customers can also include an annotation on each year to provide context on the data, such as this example below.
  • On individual employees, visitors can now click on an icon to see the raw data for that employee, including any additional information the raw dataset may include.
  • Other bug fixes.

Open Expenditures

  • Various bug fixes and visual tweaks.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these changes, please contact Socrata Support.

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