Open Budget, Open Expenditures, Open Payroll Release Notes: 5/20

As part of continually improving our products, we've happy to announce a set of updates to our financial apps.

Open Budget

As a note, these updates do not apply to the pre-April 2015 version of Open Budget, only to the version announced here

AdministrationA large number of new configuration options have now been exposed and made available for self-service.

  • Dataset mapping for Operating Revenues, Operating Expenses, and Capital Budget/CIP that configures the presentation of information throughout Open Budget.
  • Show/Hide Capital Budget Map on Home Page.
  • Set/Remove Site Password
  • ...and many more!

Experience Improvements

  • When viewing information in a table, clicking on the table headers now sort by that column.
  • Fixed: "Over Time" view now shows the same set of items presented on the "Snapshot" and "Table" views.
  • Fixed: The customized title for Operating Revenue, Operating Expense, and Capital Budget are now carried throughout the app.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Dataset Changes

  • The expected Capital Budget / Capital Improvement Plan schema has been substantially simplified based usage patterns and customer feedback. Affected customers have already been contacted separately.

Open Expenditures

  • The text for "the biggest spenders" is now configurable in the Admin panel.
  • Timeline by month has been re-enabled for customers that have elected not to present vendor/payment information. 
  • Amounts attributed to Fiscal Period 13 are now included in amount calculations. On the time-related views, Fiscal Period 13 is being presented as an extension of Fiscal Period 12.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Open Payroll

  • Lots of visual polishing throughout the application.
  • If the data is present, payroll by Year, Top Departments, and Top Employees charts now show different colored bands for the various components of pay (base, overtime, benefits, other).

If you have any questions or feedback on any of these changes, please contact Socrata Support.

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