Printing Perspectives Story pages

We’ve made some improvements to the current printing functionality for Stories!

There are two ways to print a Story page:

  • Anyone viewing a Story can print directly from the published Story.

  • Owners of a story and platform administrators can print stories directly from the settings menu in a Story draft.

To print directly from a published Story

  1. Navigate to any published Story page.

  2. Click the Print icon in the lower right hand corner

  3. From there, you will be taken to the Print Preview where you can print the Story!




To print from a Story Draft

Owners of a story and platform administrators can print stories directly from the settings menu.

  1. Open a story in edit mode

  2. Click the menu button in the left corner of the toolbar.

  3. Select the Print option.

  4. Clicking it will trigger a new tab to open with a print-optimized view where you will be asked to wait for things such as visualizations to finish loading.

  5. Once the page has finished loading, simply initiate printing however you normally would, by selecting File > Print, Ctrl +P, etc.


Printing Tips

For the best printing experience, we recommend printing Story pages within Chrome.

If you're having trouble getting images to render in the print view, make sure your browser's print function is set to print background graphics.  


In Firefox & Safari, it’s “Print backgrounds”:


In Chrome & Edge, it's under More Options as “Background graphics”



If you’re having trouble with alignment of the Story page in Firefox, if you choose “None” for margins then the content will center.


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