Understanding And Managing Perspectives User Roles

Assigning user roles for Socrata Perspectives is key to creating, managing and publishing stories. Each Socrata user has a role on his or her Open Data domain. That role defines the types of actions that a user can perform for each asset. For information on Socrata Open Data permissions, check out all of the Publica Open Data user roles

+Perspectives Domain Roles

When Perspectives is deployed on a domain, two new roles become available for administrators to assign to users, Publisher+Perspectives and Editor+Perspectives.

The “Publisher” piece of that first role means that the user can perform all actions available to dataset publishers on the platform. Likewise, the “Editor” piece of the latter implies all permissions available to dataset editors. The “+Perspectives” piece means that these roles are able to create new stories, and then edit, share, manage and publish those stories.

If you are a site Administrator and expect to have +Perspectives roles to assign to users but are experiencing an issue, you should contact your Account Manager or support@socrata.com for assistance.

Please see the below matrix for details on each role and their permissions. Note that with regards to Perspectives, the Administrator role and Publisher+Perspectives role have the same rights.

Asset-Level Rights Administrator Publisher + Perspectives Editor + Perspectives Public Anon
Create, Edit, and Manage a Story  
Edit a Story owned by any user    
Edit or View a Shared Story  
View a Public Story


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