Tell a Story with Data & Insights Perspectives

With Data & Insights Perspectives, you can easily and quickly produce narrative reports and stories. In these videos, we'll share how to create and edit a story, especially how to take advantage of the different types of media that are supported. You'll also leave knowing how to manage the story, invite collaborators, and share it with others.

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For super-quick overviews of how to use Perspectives, check out the following two links. For more details and hands-on exercises, continue on to the rest of this article. 



Why do you want to tell a story? 


See examples from our customers

Here are a few strong Perspectives Story pages from our clients:


Build a Simple Story

Compose your story with different kinds of media. Visualizations, tables, images, videos, text, and links all come together to paint a complete picture using content blocks.

Manage Your Story

Edit, share, copy. It's easy to modify a story once it's published.

Build an Advanced Story

Take it even further. Use a good rhythm of headers, text, images, and visualizations.
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