Creating a Story

With Perspectives enabled on your site, you can begin to create a Story on your site!

Create a Story

The first step to constructing a new story is to log in to your Data & Insights site. You will see a blue header bar that allows you to do various actions, including a "+" button that will open a modal for selecting the type of asset you would like to create. Click this button and choose “Story” from the modal.

Create a Story.png

Next, you’ll be prompted to give your story a title. The title is used to identify the story in your site’s catalog listing or from your profile.


The main action to constructing your story is to add content via the story content blocks. Content blocks make up the sections of your story, providing structure and guiding the flow.

Add & Edit Content

To add content to your story, open the content panel by clicking the “Content Blocks” icon in the top menu of your story in edit mode. The blocks that you see in this panel are previews of what your content will look like in your story.

Content Blocks.png

You can add content blocks by double clicking or dragging and dropping your choice into your story. For additional information on the different kinds of content boxes, follow this link.

Once added to your story, you can customize the content in each block.

Editing Text Content Blocks

Your story comes pre-populated with a Story title that says “Your Great Story Title.” When you click on this text, you’ll see options to format the text. To change the text, you can just select the text and delete or start typing.

As you add other text boxes, you’ll notice that they also come with pre-populated text as well. All of this text is editable with the controls that show when text is selected.

Text options.png

For more information on styling and formatting the text within your story, follow this link. 

Editing Rich Media Content Blocks

Users have the following options for adding and editing rich media content blocks:

  • Data & Insights Table: create a hierarchical table in the story based on a Data & Insights dataset.
  • Data & Insights Visualization: create or insert an existing chart, map or table.
  • Data & Insights Measure: create or insert an existing measure.
  • Image: add an image from your computer or from our Getty images library.
  • HTML Embed: insert an embed code to include external web content.
  • Data & Insights Story Tile: insert a preview of another story.
  • Youtube: add a video from a YouTube link!

For an in-depth look at the types of contents boxes available, follow this link

You can copy and paste rich media content blocks in your Story by clicking on the content block menu. For additional information on how to use copy and paste, follow this link.

Finally, move, remove, or hide the content blocks in your story. As you hover over the content block, controls will appear as in the picture below.


These controls allow you to:

  1. Move the content block up or down, related to the content around it.
  2. Change the background color of the content block.
  3. Hide the content from Presentation View.
  4. Delete the block of content from the story.

Background Colors on Content blocks

To change the background color of a content block, click on the drop icon marked as '2' shown on the screenshot above. Users can either select from the colors available on the pallet...


OR type in any Hex code to use as the content block's background color.


Our platform also allows site administrators to add domain-level custom colors and to create custom color palettes. Steps on how to configure this can be found in this article: Domain-level Custom Color Palettes

The Custom Colors will appear as follows:


Preview & Presentation View


You can see what your published story will look like while you are making edits by previewing the story.

The preview shows what your story will look like to viewers once published. Your content can be viewed as a continuous story or block by block as a presentation.

Presentation Mode

When viewed in Presentation Mode, each story content block is viewed individually, one after another. The button to turn on Presentation Mode is in the lower right corner of a published story.


For example this would be the second slide in the presentation:


If you would like to omit a story content block from Presentation Mode, simply click the "eye" icon to the left of the content block while editing the story page:


Deleting a Story

To delete a story, enter Preview Mode. The Edit button and the kebab menu will be in the upper right corner. Use the kebab menu to delete the story.


When you are ready, you can share the story with other viewers individually or make the story public. Follow along to this article!

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