Site Analytics: User Authentications

The Site Analytics: User Authentication dataset includes all logins via username/password and SSO.

For steps on how to access this and other system datasets please see our article here.

The following user types are tracked in the User Segment column:

This represents users who have a role on the domain.

This represents users who do not have a role on the domain.


The following access types are tracked in the Access Type column:

This represents authentications for logins using via username/password and via SSO.


System Dataset Information

Time granularity - Data is presented at an hourly timeslice in UTC.

Update cadence - If new data is present, the dataset will be updated by a system process at least once a day.

How to interpret the data - Each row in the dataset indicates the number of authentications for the specified user, access type (web login or API access), user segment and hour.


The below record indicates there were 3 web logins by User UID mhkx-8kwy who is in the site_member segment during the 2020 Sep 29 02:00:00 PM hour.


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