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Navigating to Program Analytics
Updating Program Analytics Dataset
The Program Analytics Datasets Include


Data and Insight’s Program Analytics datasets provide insight into variables on your domain that contribute to the success of your open data program. The first release of Program Analytics focuses on the usage of metadata tags on your domain. With these datasets, you can:

  • Run an audit to understand how tags are being used across different types of assets on this domain

  • Identify rarely used, ineffective, and duplicitous tags to clean up

  • Determine the most effective and popular tags to invest in

  • Gather the information crucial to maintaining a concise and effective tags strategy, thus strengthening the discoverability of the data in your catalog

The Program Analytics data is provided to Admins on the Data & Insights platform via a special type of asset called a System Dataset. These datasets can be interacted with in the same way as your normal datasets. You can create derived views to filter, sort, and aggregate in the Grid View, create Visualizations and Measures to surface analytics important to your organization, and communicate this information using Stories. All of the Data & Insights analysis and presentation tools can be used on these assets. The only differences between System Datasets and other assets on your platform are they:

  • are generated by the platform

  • cannot be modified

  • are always private and hidden from your public Catalog

  • can only be viewed by admins in the Assets list

Program Analytics data are now available on your site in two System Datasets. The easiest way to find these datasets is to navigate to the internal asset manager:


Next, filter the list of assets to only include Asset Type = System Datasets:

The result of this filter should be seven System Datasets, two Program Analytics datasets, four Site Analytics datasets, with the seventh System Dataset, Asset Inventory, containing insight into assets created on the domain.

Updating Program Analytics Datasets

Some System Datasets are automatically updated by the platform on a daily cadence, however Program Analytics datasets can only be updated manually. To update a Program Analytics dataset click the “Refresh” button on the dataset’s Primer Page or next to the asset in the Asset Manager.

Our Program Analytics datasets pull data from the Asset Inventory dataset, which is updated daily by the platform. This means that if you make changes to your domain’s tags after the daily Asset Inventory update those changes will not be reflected in a refresh of your Program Analytics dataset until the next time the Asset Inventory has been updated.

Program Analytics datasets only include tags for assets native to your domain. This means tags on federated assets will not be included. If your domain does not have any tags on native assets the Program Analytics datasets will not contain any data.

The Program Analytics Datasets Include:

  • Tag Audit: This dataset is an inventory of all the tags used on this site. Use this dataset to understand how tags are being used across different types of assets on this site, identify most popular tags to invest in, or determine unpopular tags to clean up.

  • Possible Duplicate Tags: This dataset identifies tags used on this site that may be a duplicate or misspelled instance of another tag on this site. This dataset helps determine which tags may need to be cleaned up and provides a link to the assets using the tag for an expedited update process.

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